What musicians are saying about Phil Barone Saxophones

Vintage Alto

This vintage alto is awesome! The sound and tone is just what I was looking and hoping to hear. And it is so easy to play. As you said, this is the best deal in the industry.

- Derrick J Holmes

I love this horn!

A few friends who were there commented on how good I sounded, and it feels great in my hands, better than anything I've ever owned. Thank you!

- Joe M.

New Alto

He was floored, I mean, absolutely blown away. He couldn't believe it, especially the ease of altissimo notes and I couldn't believe how good he sounded on your alto when he played it.

- Michael

Vintage Tenor Sax

It is the best Tenor sax I could imagine to be built. I love the attention to detail, no acid weep, soldered fittings fine, rolled tone holes, nice even spring action.

- Steve Soloway

Classic Alto

I was finally able to open the box today for my Classic alto (gone on vacation). Wow, this horn is stellar. This horn definitely is something special.

- Josh Heaney

Classic Tenor

This Classic Tenor is still killing man! I love it. Not missing the MK VI at all. I have been playing for 32 years and this sax is like butter!

- Jim B.


Everything in excellent condition, no issues. It's absolutely beautiful and plays as well as it looks. I'm really impressed with the construction, feel and sound.

- John Ebert


First impressions is that it has a HUGE, BIG FAT SOUND; free blower, with that small bit of resistance which is essential to vary palette. These horns Phil are the classics of the future; I am BLOWN...

- Adrian R.

I love this thing... thank you!!!!!

Well, since I sent the last email I've had a bit of a go on the horn... friggin fantastic. Every bit of it is stupidly easy and smooth to play and even makes my weak technique sound bearable.

- Jeff K.

Your horns are the best I've ever played

I've owned a beautiful Mark VI, Yamaha Customs, Bueschers, a Series II and several other horns. I've sold everything else. Your horns are the best I've ever played.

- Rich

My son is thrilled with your sax

Finally, I've got a horn that looks as good as it sounds.

- Kelly and Cole Plumber

The tenor is perfect

The horn is superb! The metal mouthpiece is amazing as well, with the right balance between edginess and control. Thanks Phil! I've never sounded so good on tenor!

- Koh Hong Kwan

PB Vintage Tenor

My PB Vintage tenor and NY mouthpiece that came with the horn are the greatest! I don't even care to play my 3 other Selmer tenors.

- Charles Allen

Much Thanks and Gratitude

I want to thank you so much for your help and your fine products. I also want to thank you for your patience with me in the selection process.

- Greg Anderson

WOW...just what I was looking for

The turquoise abalone touch pieces were a great surprise (absolutely stunning). Very good balance and weight distribution. Great craftsmanship... absolutely awesome!!

- Jason Bresnan

Thrilled with the purchase

I received the horn today and I am thrilled with the purchase and dealing with you has been nothing short of amazing.

- Brian Murphy

PB Classic Tenor

It sounds great, looks great, and seems very solidly built. I let a mark VI playing friend of mine play it, and he said the action was quicker than his VI.

- Posted on the Sax on the Web forum

Thank you very much

As expected, a very beautiful instrument, and the level of your mouthpieces: excellent!

- Alberto

All I can say is AMAZING!

I must say that I may soon be changing all my horns over to Barone and will definitely recommend your horns first to all my students, colleagues and buddies.

- Kristofer Sanz - Instrumental Music Director

You were right, it’s really nice!

Anyway, congratulations on an outstanding value and great service. This is truly a pro level horn and something I'll be working with for years.

- Bill Jackson

Phil you are a star!

I'm blowing it, and it’s incredible! What's more, the mouthpiece too - looks like I'll be selling my other Hard Rubbers - fuller sound even on my others two tenors!

- Rico G.

PB Copper Alto

The PB Copper Alto arrived today but I only got to it tonight, so just 20 minutes of playing, but so far it is FANTASTIC!!!! It played fine out of the box.

- Conrado Hinrojisa

Your baritone is great

The intonation on yours is spot on, and the low notes make your hairs stand up and your arms tingle. What more could you ask for?

- Steve Huff

What a great value!

The tone of this horn is incredible! I'm in disbelief that this sax is richer in tone than all of my former horns with the same mouthpiece/reed.

- Alex

This saxophone is truly a work of art

What a change! So much more responsive, free-blowing, rich, full - too many adjectives to list here. I am now able to get the sound I have been searching for.

- Thad Noland

It blew people away

When I played it, it blew people away. I really couldn't be happier, as I've really only played it a few times (due to exams!!) and already I'm getting a great big sound, even fuller than my YTS62!

- Neil J.

Now THAT'S a horn!

Overall, I'm floored Phil. This horn plays with a richer, fatter sound than the Reference 54 I owned for years, and reminds me of the best vintage horns I've ever had through my hands, but with the...

- Bill

PB Classic Barone

The Barone plays so good, that I am selling my mint 82Z Tenor which costs twice as much. Barones' horns are amazing and so are their prices.

- Eric M.

The horn plays GREAT!!

It's big, and every note in every register plays easily. I love it! And while I don't usually care what a horn looks like, I can't stop staring at this one!

- Derrick L. Williams

They sound FANTASTIC

Also, a warning to all future Barone buyers: make sure to practice some before you order, because when the horn comes you will feel like you do not want to stop playing.

- Sbaction

PB Classic Tenor

For me this was the perfect horn, and the price was amazing, Phil has been great and the free vintage mouthpiece is now my favorite tenor piece hands down.

- Jim

PB Tenor

Thank you so much for making these amazing horns at the even more amazing price.

- Oliver

Thanks for the great horn

The ease of sound from low b flat to high f sharp is phenomenal and the sound is dark and huge. The key work also is tight and very responsive.

- Ricky Scheuerle

Barone Neck & Barone Vintage HR Piece

I received the tenor today and I was very impressed with the tone and the immaculate cosmetic condition of the horn. I have to admit that you really did it Phil.

- M.T.

PB Tenor

It’s as loose and exciting as my MK VI, but it actually has a bigger sound, it performs flawlessly and is easy on the eyes. Especially for the price it’s awesome. I highly recommend this sax.

- John S.

Very impressive

So it has “flexibility” in pitch and tone but plays in tune and the harmonics lock right in. The altissimo is easily accessed and held.

- Mark J.

Love the sax, great key action, super responsive.

I just wanted to thank you for the sax. You really should be selling these for way more than what you are but at least wait until I buy a soprano and alto off you before you raise the prices, okay!

- Mark VanMatre

Loving the sound

So, in case you have not figured it out yet, I am a very happy customer. If you can continue to get quality horns like these and sell them for a reasonable price, I think you will have a very...

- William

PB Soprano Sax

Trying to be as objective as possible, and considering the other horns I had tried out, I really think this is a lot of horn for the money.

- L.J.

I think this horn is just great!

The intonation throughout all registers is the best of any horn I have played. The tonal qualities are rich and full throughout ranges of horn.

- J.H.

Thank you man!

The young prodigy phenomenon I take lessons from was blown away. When I told him I much I paid for it, then he was really floored.

- Andy Sheedy

I love it!

Physically it is very beautiful and I like the ergonomics are great; it feels great in my hands. Also, the engraving is beautiful and the golden keys look fantastic.

- Esteban

Black Lacquered Tenor

I am thoroughly amazed by how well this horn plays. It plays as well if not better then Yamaha, Yani, Selmer, you name it. The ergonomics are great! It feels like a VI.

- Harry

Barone Bare Brass Tenor

He also said that in terms of build quality, the horn is one of the best he has ever seen. He couldn't believe when I told him how much I paid for it!

- Stefan E.

I love my Baronitone

Out of the box it plays great. The low A is a killer note. The horn has great timbre, and wonderful responsiveness: it's round and fat and booms but if pushed it opens up easily.

- Terry Jansen

PB Alto

But what I like most is how responsive it is. The ease and variety of articulations and tone is most impressive and lots of fun.

- Randy Keen

Gold-Lacquered Baritone Sax

I played full rehearsal, 3 hours. No problems at all. It kept in tune very well, strong sound. It was very even all around, good response, great ergonomics. Have to say I am very happy with it.

- Esteban A.

Phil, your horn absolutely rocks!

Overall, this is the best horn I have played in years. I think my Mk VI is going into its case for a while. I also should get off my backside and get my soprano ordered as well.

- K. Jones

Great axe!

Have spent about an hour playing the sop now, and all my first impressions are ratified. Great axe! Also, your mouthpiece is terrific.

- Terry H.

My search is finally over

In a way, having a horn that sounds really nice but really DIFFERENT is actually about the best justification of all for keeping it.

- Jim B.

Gold Plated Tenor, Bare Brass Alto & Gold Soprano

They all seem to be built well, and they all play great. I like that they all have the same key work, they all work well, blow easy and respond well.

- Unknown Poster

Awesome horn

I had the sax set up by my repair guy yesterday and I'm very happy with it. He was a bit reluctant to believe that good saxophones can come from Taiwan, but he ended up calling it an "awesome horn."

- Ben

Bare Brass Tenor

And I don't miss the Mark VI that the Barone replaced, not at all...still blows my mind how damn good these horns are.

- Kritivi

Bare Brass Baritone & Bare Brass Soprano

The question comes up in these reviews: how well built are these instruments? The answer, often, is: time will tell. A year in, these horns are rock solid, as well as being terrific saxes.

- Reedsplinter

PB Antique Brass Classic

I can achieve a remarkable amount of volume with the 7* Vintage HR mouthpiece7, and it did not need to be regulated by my tech after shipping from overseas.

- Rick D.

Jazz mouthpiece beyond expectations

...put it on the horn...about 2:00 aft and couldn't put the horn down till 8:30.

- Larry Hillman

Super New York Mouthpiece

I have to say it's the best piece I've seen in craftsmanship, finish, concept, the facing is killer...

- Juan

Completely sold on Super New York

I loved this piece from the first blow...

- Jorge L.

Horn and mouthpiece

Can't thank you enough...

- Craig

Hollywood mouthpiece

...exactly what's been eluding me all these years.

- Stuart Brownley

Hollywood Mouthpiece

...is the most incredible piece I have ever played.

- J. Green

Best mouthpiece expert ever

It gave me so much more...

- DJ Jonas

Hollywood 8 absolutely great

I can play these 'pieces on my tenors exclusively from here to eternity!

- Ben Weinberg

Hollywood 8 on a PG Classic

The intonation, resistance and tone is practically perfect for me.

- Ben Harrar

Hooray for Hollywood

Definitely your best. Less resistant and easier to control...

- Ben Mozee

Phil Barone Jazz 7* mouthpiece

...this could possibly be the easiest-blowing, richest, piece I've ever played.

- Jay

Soprano mouthpiece

The soprano mouthpiece completely cured all of my intonation issues and sounds great.

- Chase

PB Hollywood 7* Mouthpiece

The low notes where easy and responsive, as well as the high tones, very even throughout.

- Adam Connerly

Phil Barone Hollywood mouthpiece

I now concentrate on what I want to play instead of babying a mouthpiece...

- Jason Schwager

PB Soprano mouthpiece

Basically I sound better on sax than I ever have.

- Kevin C

PB Hollywood Tenor Mouthpiece

...for the first time in 12 years the sound in my head began to come out of my horn when I used your piece.

- Barry O.

Phil Barone Sax Mouthpiece

Big, fat, robust and good résistance which I've always loved about your pieces!

- Matt

PB Hollywood Mouthpiece

...thanks for two great mouthpieces!

- AZ

Hollywood MP is #1

It has a lovely deep rich dark tone, particularly at the lower end of the horn but doesn't get at all thin or shrill at the top end.

- Tony Scott

PB Fusion mouthpiece

For some reason your pieces are the only ones I can play an altissimo "g" on.

- Steven C

Phil Barone Jazz Mouthpiece

I'm really starting to get "the sound in my head" with your piece...

- Andy H.

Phil Barone Mouthpiece

I'm glad I opted for the larger tip opening; works fine for me...

- B. Sonnenberg

Vintage HR 7* & Jazz HR 7M

...the notes are produced instantly, but most importantly for me, the tone is warm and dark throughout the register.

- Nick Jones

Tower of Power players goes Hollywood

Part of my interest is because I hear good things about your pieces...

- Paul Perez

Sticking with the Hollywood

I can’t think of one thing I would change about this piece or how it fits my needs.

- Edgardo Garcia

Hollywood has arrived

I have never played such a free blowing piece from top to bottom and the notes are solid throughout the register.

- Nick Peluso

Hollywood model mouthpiece

...a really warm tone and great dynamic flexibility without getting airy like most other mouthpieces would.

- Sean E

True pro loves a true New York Barone

It’s a whole new world of expression for me now. This piece is crazy cool.

- Darren Gholston

Superb Hollywood Mouthpiece

I have learned that no new pieces can compete (even Guardala’s, Jody jazz etc.) until this Hollywood arrived.

- David Glenn

Phil Barone Jazz Mouthpiece

My first impression of the Jazz piece was that it was great. And then it just got better and better.

- Buck Valiquette

Phil Barone Custom Saxaphone Neck

Your neck greatly improved my projection, tone, and overall sound...

- Austin

Phil Barone Sax Neck

Great neck!! It's added a lot of color and volume to my tone...

- Bill Gaskill

Better balance with Phil Barone neck

...the horn balances better and is much more comfortable.

- Len Zajda

Custom PB Neck an instant hit

I recorded my first album with it within a week of receiving it.

- R. Bateman

Phil Barone neck feels so right

It's just too much fun with my new Barone Neck.

- John Rutledge

Neck sounds great in any language

The sound is great! The attack is great!

- Marc C.

Neck enhances sound

...when I tried and start blowing I was excited like a child.

- J. Fooksman

Phil Barone Custom Sax Neck

I'm blown away to say the least. The intonation was superb. This is out of the box.

- Dan Glaser

Phil Barone Neck works great

I played at a private party the other night with it and got great responses.

- James Helle

Phil Barone Copper Neck

...it's wonderful as I had imagined...

- J.S.

PB Custom Neck

...horn now blows so much more freely and the tone has opened up - so the sound is brighter and fuller.

- John Peltier

Phil Barone Gold-Plated Neck

...absolutely amazed! What a difference.

- Rex Olsen

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