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Barone Saxophones, Mouthpieces and Necks

Phil Barone started selling saxophones with one goal in mind: To provide professional quality saxophones and saxophone equipment complete with  personalized service and affordable prices. Thoughtfully manufactured with careful attention to both quality and price, Phil Barone Saxophones and saxophone equipment have helped thousands of musicians around the world play better almost instantly.

Professional Quality Saxophones

All Barone saxophones are made to exacting standards that includes a rugged ribbed construction, a beautiful custom Phil Barone performance neck, high quality Pisoni Pads, blue steel springs, power forged keys, a triple annealed brass bell, beautiful engraving and precise action and intonation up and down the full range of the instrument. 

All Barone saxophones ship with your choice of a Barone Vintage or SoundMaster hard rubber mouthpiece ($250 value) and a high quality contoured case. Browse Saxophones

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Before Phil started selling saxophones, he had already made a name for himself by making custom professional mouthpieces for a laundry list of heavyweights including Sonny Rollins, Jacki Mclean, Ernie Watts, Steve Grossman and many others. His current line of hand finished mouthpieces include both metal and hard rubber varieties, each with specific qualities customised for your needs.

When your ready to take your sound to the next level, let Phil help you help you find the perfect fit. Browse Saxophone Mouthpieces

Saxophone Necks

A saxophone's neck is very influential to its overall sound and intonation. Phil Barone saxophone necks are not only beautiful, but they provide a much fuller sound and improved intonation for many older saxophones, particularly in the upper register. If you have an older saxophone, a Barone saxophone neck could make the horn easier and more enjoyable to play. 

Barone saxophone necks come in brass and solid copper, with your choice of finishes. Browse Saxophone Necks

Ask Phil: Learn more about Phil's saxophones, mouthpieces and necks and get honest, professional advice today.  Call Phil directly at (845)803-4527, or contact Phil Barone online.