About Phil Barone

Early in his career as a serious musician, Phil Barone found that he was only as good as his instrument allowed him to be. It was only when Phil discovered an instrument that allowed him to play and advance without limits that he reached his true potential. It was a saxophone he designed himself.

Musicians noticed. Soon fellow sax players were asking Phil to do the same for them: make an instrument that would not only help them play better right away, but also wouldn't hold them back from reaching their true potential.

From this extraordinary talent, a business was born.

Today, working with the world's best saxophone manufacturers, Phil Barone puts his own name on a line of tenor, alto, baritone and soprano saxophones considered to be among the best in the profession. Also, from his New York workshop, Barone personally hand crafts custom-made saxophone mouthpieces and necks.

Built for pros - priced for students

When you order a Phil Barone saxophone, you're ordering direct from the maker who doesn't spend a lot of money or time on expensive ad campaigns or marketing. Great reviews and word of mouth works just fine for Phil Barone. The result is a professional quality saxophone priced for the student; an instrument that doesn't just rival the sound of more expensive brands, but out-plays them time and time again.

Got a question about Phil Barone Saxophones, mouthpieces, or necks? Ask Phil at PhilBarone@PhilBarone.com.