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Black Lacquered Tenor
Miami, Florida


I am thoroughly amazed by how well this horn plays. I can play up down and all around this horn ALREADY and am I enjoying playing the tenor. It plays as well if not better then Yamaha, Yani, Selmer, you name it. The ergonomics are great! It feels like a VI.

I got a Black Lacquered Tenor. I will have pics up soon. It plays great top to bottom. I can get up to altissimo D with out too much effort. It growls. It does everything I did with a Series III I played last week.

The neck that came with the horn is beautiful, the mouthpiece is great!!!  I have to work on my tenor playing to help get some of the acoustics right with it but it’s the best damn tenor I’ve played! I plan on picking up a few more horns from you. Now all I need is the money!

Harry-Miami, FL

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