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PB Hollywood 7* Mouthpiece
Adam Connerly
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Phil,

About a half an hour ago, there was a knock on my door.  I answered the door to see my mail delivery lady with a package for me.  It was my new PB Hollywood 7* tenor mouthpiece!  I eagerly opened the package and put it on my 1970s mark VI with a PB neck (silver).  I LOVE the tone!  I didn't want to stop playing it.  The low notes where easy and responsive, as well as the high tones, very even throughout.  I can brighten or darken it, equally easily.  It's an amazing product, worth ANY wait time whatsoever!  I have finally found the holy grail tenor mouthpiece for me, the Phil Barone Hollywood model.

All the best,

Adam Connerly-Del Canto

Salt Lake City, UT

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