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Gold-Lacquered Baritone Sax
Esteban A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina


First of all, the case. Have to say, great case. Hard and big, separate compartments for the mouthpiece, neck, a small one for reeds or something (a polishing cloth came in it) and one for the rest of the stuff you want to carry. Also, it latches in 4 places and can be locked with a key. I really think the sax is very well protected in it and the material looks durable and it’s not too heavy. Oh, and the best part, it has wheels. 

Next up, the finish: I ordered a gold-lacquered one. The whole finish looks very good, very even. No spots on the finish anywhere. And the engraving: it has the extra engraving on the body besides the one on the bell. It looks very nice.

Before starting (and after removing the cork pieces keeping all the keys closed) I checked all the keys and the movement. Very free moving keys, liked the ergonomics.

So I put on the stock mouthpiece and started blowing. It was great! Great sound all around. Very even up and down the scale. Noticed the scale is very even, no flat or sharp notes. Just played it for a bit, but had to run, so I decided to take it to band practice on Sunday. So I did and the director is a sax major and he tried it out. He loved it, very good sound and intonation. Very even scale. No issues with palm keys or anything. It sounded much better when he played it, too, because he has more experience playing bari. I just loved the sound of this horn. Another sax player tried it too. Both liked it very much. I played full rehearsal, 3 hours. No problems at all. It kept in tune very well, strong sound. It was very even all around, good response, great ergonomics. Have to say I am very happy with it.”

Esteban A- Buenos Aires, Argentina

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