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Custom PB Neck an instant hit
R. Bateman
Stafford, United Kingdom

Hi Phil,

I received the neck you made in January and haven't stopped loving it.  At first glance, I was very skeptical, because the PB neck was considerably shorter than my Yamaha Custom G1 neck, but I found that when I started playing the PB neck I ended up playing flat (which was easily corrected).  The neck has a huge amount of power - especially in the low end of the horn.  I am incredibly impressed with how even the horn plays with that neck.  Also, there was almost no adjustment time.  I figured that I would need some time to get to know the neck, but no! It instantly made my horn play better and I am totally comfortable on it.  I recorded my first album with it within a week of receiving it. 


Robert Bateman

Stafford, United Kingdom

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