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Gold Plated Tenor, Bare Brass Alto & Gold Soprano
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I would tend to agree with sasquatch.  I have a gold plated Barone tenor, a bare brass alto, and a gold soprano.  I have played the soprano for about 4 months and the tenor for about one month and the alto somewhere in between. There are quite a few comments, as to how nice they look and mostly as to how nice they sound.   They all seem to be built well, and they all play great. I like that they all have the same key work, they all work well, blow easy and respond well.  It is possible to get them to sound pretty much like I want them to.   They are lots easier to play than the old 6m or Zepher.  I have not had any problems with them.  A little adjusting on the soprano that I was able to do myself after a month or so.  I could not justify spending more for a top name after playing the Phil’s horns.  I also think the soprano has a truly great sound and the tenor is not far behind.

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