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New Alto
Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Phil,

I took my new alto to a lesson today with my teacher, Anton Schwartz.  

He was skeptical that anything from Taiwan could be any good, so I told him to A/B the horn with his Mark VI.   He was floored, I mean, absolutely blown away.  He couldn't believe it, especially the ease of altissimo notes and  I couldn't believe how good he sounded on your alto when he played it.  If I had been blindfolded and he told me it was a vintage Mark VI, I would have agreed.

When listened to side-by-side, we both agreed that the Selmer was a little bit brighter but the differences were a matter of taste (darker vs.  brighter) not a matter of quality (student vs. professional). He was also digging the matte finish and the awesome flight case.

Michael-Boston, MA

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