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Now THAT'S a horn!
Oxford, Michigan

Hey Phil,

Now THAT'S a horn!  Got to play the horn tonight when I got home from work.  Been playing on it for the past half hour or so, and to be honest I was pretty surprised that Taiwan can make horns THIS good.  At first I thought "This reminds me of that cherry Conn 6M I should have never sold" but 5 minutes later I thought "No, this is a great classic horn".

It seems to be a very versatile horn.  A rich tone, I wouldn't call it bright or dark but some of both. Intonation is fine across the range, overtones popped right in place with no issues. 

Overall, I'm floored Phil.  This horn plays with a richer, fatter sound than the Reference 54 I owned for years, and reminds me of the best vintage horns I've ever had through my hands, but with the action and intonation of modern day horns. 

Bill-Oxford, MI

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