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PB Hollywood Tenor Mouthpiece
Barry O.
Miami, FL

Hi Phil,

I recently got one of your Hollywood tenor pieces (Made with pride 2001, H279) and I know you've heard this before but what a piece! I've been paying for many years and my main mouthpieces were a refaced metal Mojo Otto Link or a HR Morgan (Jazz & Excalibur).

I eventually got to the point a while ago where I was unhappy with my sound... resisted GAS and worked on practicing.... supporting my diaphragm, opening my throat, being aware of the placement of my tongue and the shape of my oral cavity. Did long tones out the wazoo and just wasn't getting near the sound I had in my head but it improved, but not enough. Got so bad, I functionally quit playing for about 2 months. I've been a member of SOTW forever and continued lurking and learning from those on the forum. (screen name Chubarry since I used to play on a 1932 Chu)... been reading your posts which I really enjoy & learned a lot from you and all those you've helped.

I was intrigued, especially when you all talked about how your Hollywood mpc could help you get your own sound if you worked with it and remembered you make the sound, not the mpc. And how if you put the time in, it could get dark and bright. I was especially intrigued by your originally taking off from a CV Dukoff (Bobby Dukoff is the neighbor of a friend of mine here in South Florida... He's 92 and still kicking and with it from what I hear.)

Long story short, just got the piece and have been playing it like crazy for the past 2 days... for the first time in 12 years the sound in my head began to come out of my horn when I used your piece. My wife heard me practicing and spontaneously said I sounded like it was effortless, like the horn was a part of me and that it wasn't so much that I was playing as I was singing through my sax.... Phil - that's never happened before. I know you warn people not to trust mpcs that you love right away but this was a real peak experience for me and I just had to drop you a line and thank you for helping me.  I am already hearing how I can shape my sound to a much greater degree that ever before. I kind of feel like I went from an automatic to a manual transmission on my sax if you know what I mean. 

Again just wanted to thank you; what you have done and are doing for the sax community is simply incredible. I'll let you know how my adventures on your old piece are coming along... 

All my best and with deep gratitude for all you do. 

Barry O’Hanley

Miami, FL

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