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PB Soprano Sax
Orange, California

Hey Phil,

"My new soprano sax arrived last night. I have been playing my (old) soprano more recently, and I was ready for an upgrade. Here is my initial review, after less than 1 hour of playing.

Ergonomics are very good, and all the key movements are very solid.  The evenness of tone for all the notes from bottom to top excellent - there are no stale notes, and no notes that "stick out" louder than the others. I had previously tried out some used sopranos (Yamahas and other moderns) priced in the $1800 - $2000 range, and with each of those I had noticed at least one or two notes whose sound was either stale or "stuck out". This was at a good sax store in NJ which has a large selection and reasonable prices, so I don't think they were priced over their market value. I had also tried out a new Selmer La Voix which had been priced at $2300 at Sam Ash, which I thought played very nicely. With all of these horns I mentioned, I took my electric tuner with me when I tried them out, and I have a pretty good memory of what I saw on the meter as I tried each one out. Now that I have played my new horn, the best intonation I have seen for any of these sopranos mentioned here is with the new Phil Barone I just got.

I am playing my new soprano with the Phil Barone 7* mouthpiece that came with it, and I had tested the others with the "BARI" brand mouthpiece that I used with my old soprano. I had been ready to shop for a new soprano mouthpiece for my old soprano sax before I recently learned about the Phil Barone soprano saxes here on SOTW, so I guess this is part of the value of getting one of his horns.

Trying to be as objective as possible, and considering the other horns I had tried out, I really think this is a lot of horn for the money."

L.J.-Orange, CA

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