What musicians are saying about Phil Barone Saxophones

Thanks for the great horn
Ricky Scheuerle
New Canaan, Connecticut

Hi Phil,

Today I purchased a clear lacquer tenor with black mother of pearls from a shop where I live and I compared it to the bare brass tenor off the same line.  Both played beautifully and I was to say the least, blown away. The ease of sound from low b flat to high f sharp is phenomenal and the sound is dark and huge. The key work also is tight and very responsive. There isn't anything I don't like about this horn. I ultimately picked the lacquer because it had the detailed engraving and the black mop which I liked a lot, even though I like bare brass better than lacquer. As far as playing both were amazing. Thanks for the great horn.

Ricky Scheuerle-New Canaan, CT

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