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Bare Brass Baritone & Bare Brass Soprano
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"Just a little testimonial footnote here: I bought a bare brass low A bari from Phil just about exactly a year ago, and a bare brass soprano about 2 months after that. Both came packed exactly as described above; both arrived in perfect condition. I've been playing them fairly heavily for a year, and have had no significant problems with either instrument.

The question comes up in these reviews: how well built are these instruments? The answer, often, is: time will tell. A year in, these horns are rock solid, as well as being terrific saxes. The bari in particular is a killer (I love the sop too, but I'm just more into the bari). I have also a Selmer Ref. 36 tenor and a Naked Lady alto: the horns are different, obviously, but I'm about equally happy with the whole group (the Naked Lady needs some tweaking: no, no, hands off fellas!).

I might also usefully add: the finish on the two bare brass horns evolves nicely. Over the course of they year, they went from very brassy yellow to cloudy to darker, as you'd expect. Clearly this process will continue (forever, I suppose), and I can't tell where they'll end up, but I'm well satisfied by the visual aesthetics of the instruments.

Keep Uncle Phil in bidness! These horns are too good to have 'em fade away from the market."

Reedsplinter - From Sax on the Web


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