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I love my Baronitone
Terry Jansen
Pinckney, Michigan

Uncle Phil:

Just wanted to report in after having had the new axe for a week. I've spent many hours with it now, and it and I are getting comfortable with each other. I have to say, it's a spectacular horn; more horn than I dared to hope for at that price. I know there's argument on SOTW about the quality of the materials and workmanship of Taiwanese horns; I see virtually nothing about this axe that is not first rate in my opinion. Out of the box it plays great. The low A is a killer note. The horn has great timbre, and wonderful responsiveness: it's round and fat and booms but if pushed it opens up easily. I've gigged with it 4 times and it works wonderfully for me. Lots of compliments from the audiences: many folks haven't heard a lot of bari players around here.

There are no intonation problems, or none beyond the ordinary player/instrument interface. Once I figured out where the mouthpiece needed to be on the neck (pushed way in, over too much cork in the beginning), there have been no problems there.

Also, what's your stock of sopranos like at the moment? I'm pretty sure I'll be wanting one from you in the not too distant future.

Thanks for making this happen, Phil; I love my Baronitone.

Terry Jansen-Pinckney, MI

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