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Soprano mouthpiece
Philadelphia, PA

I know you get a lot of compliments via Sax on the Web but I just wanted to add mine. I'm mainly an alto player but wanted to pick up soprano and tenor. I went out and spent  thousands on pro horns. I  have wasted a ton of money trying various mouthpieces (JJDV, Lebayles, Berg Larsen, Otto Links, SR Tech, Metalites, etc)  and could never find the sound I was looking for. Not to mention the fact that on soprano despite the money I spent on a pro horn the intonation was horrible.  I was at the point where I didn't even like playing my soprano and tenor, which was pretty disheartening. I recently bought a tenor mouthpiece traditional / contemporary model 2nd hand and just this weekend I bought one of your soprano Vintage models from an authorized dealer here in NY. I am so happy. The soprano mouthpiece completely cured all of my intonation issues and sounds great. And the tenor piece gave me the sound I had been looking for. I now love playing my horns.

Thank you,

Chase McDonald

Philadelphia, PA

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