What musicians are saying about Phil Barone Saxophones

Very impressive
Mark J.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Phil,

"The horn arrived in good condition. Nice compact case and beautiful finish. The most obvious difference other less expensive horns was the excellent intonation and range of the PB. It locks in like a Yamaha but just using the ear all adjustments were easy to make and the fat body of tone on the bottom and excellent full tone throughout especially altissimo are very impressive.

So it has “flexibility” in pitch and tone but plays in tune and the harmonics lock right in. The altissimo is easily accessed and held. The intonation through the altissimo is very good and I can use the same altissimo fingerings on this horn as I use on my Mark VI. To my senses it sounds so much like a Mark 6 but has a huge sound like a Conn on demand."

Mark J.-Cincinnati, OH

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