What musicians are saying about Phil Barone Saxophones

PB Tenor
John S.
Young Harris, Georgia

"I love my Phil Barone tenor. It’s a fabulous modern horn with plenty of expressiveness, fun to play, not stuffy or dull at all. It’s bright and punchy enough to be used with my slightly tubby Link Rubber# 8. Most tenors are not playable with this dark piece, only the liveliest, most responsive horns work with it, but when it works, it’s a luscious and sexy sound. It also works fine with my Guardala and Berg Rubber...  It’s as loose and exciting as my MK VI, but it actually has a bigger sound, it performs flawlessly and is easy on the eyes. Especially for the price it’s awesome. I highly recommend this sax."

John S.
Young Harris, GA

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