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Vintage HR 7* & Jazz HR 7M
Nick Jones
Englewood, NJ

Hi Phil,

The Vintage HR 7* & Jazz HR 7M arrived safely today, thank you.  Playing aside, they are objects of beauty with a real hand made feel about them. 

I've been playing them on and off for several hours and I thought you may be interested in my first impressions. Until now I have been using Yani, Otto Link & Meyer HR pieces but there are many superior qualities in your pieces that have become immediately apparent; they are so much more free blowing, particularly the Jazz, the response is very fast and the notes are produced instantly, but most importantly for me, the tone is warm and dark throughout the register.   

The Jazz has surpassed my expectations.  I can't stand a bright, chirpy alto sound and I have tried so many mouthpieces on the promise of a warm and dark tone, only to be disappointed.  My Guardala New Crescent can deliver, but a lot of effort is required which of course detracts from the enjoyment of playing.  The Jazz delivers a warm, dark tone effortlessly!

Your description of the Jazz being a doubling piece for tenor players is spot on.  Switching between saxes all day, I have realized I am giving no conscious thought to adjusting my embouchure. It's a natural transition between the Vintage and the Jazz.  Simply Amazing!

I never have two mouthpieces feel so right.  Thank you very much Phil, you are a true craftsman. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Nick Jones

Englewood, NJ


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