Vintage Gold Lacquer Classic Tenor Saxophone

  • Custom Phil Barone Engraved Neck
  • Includes your choice of Phil Barone Vintage or SoundMaster Hard Rubber Mouthpieces in your choice of tip opening size - a $250 Value
  • Rugged Ribbed Construction
  • Range: High F# (All Saxophones are available without high F# key by special order.)
  • High-Quality Italian Pisoni Pads
  • Annealed brass
  • Brass resonators with Nickel Plating
  • Blue Steel springs
  • Detachable Bell and Bow
  • Rugged Contoured Case
  • Extra Hand Engraving
  • Engraving from Bell to Bow to Neck
  • Triple annealed brass bell
  • Power-Forged Keys
  • Professionally acoustically customized and adjusted




For questions about product information or availability, please contact Phil Barone at 845.803.4527 or fill out our online contact form.